2023 Bathroom Faucets Ideas

It seems that this functional element of our kitchen has already exhausted all forms. But the trends of 2023 prove a completely different side to us. Now mixers are developing so actively that we cannot even imagine all shapes and sizes, and the choice is very difficult.

Today we will help you sort out this insane variety and find something that really matches the footprint of the time. At the moment, there are many different products in a wide variety of colors. Also, each of the models has many nice functional features.

Trending faucets of 2023

Now let's take a look at the most established types of water faucets in 2023 and the main design ideas:

  • Backlit faucets have become one of the mainstream trends. An LED is installed inside, and some models do not require electric power, because it is generated using a built-in turbine. Moreover, you can choose different colors or change them. Such LEDs last up to 5-8 years without losing brightness.
  • Angular shapes are very fashionable now. You can easily fit them into any decor by replacing the old pattern now. The old rounded pipes are out of fashion.
  • Another fun trend is the installation of a range of faucets. This will allow the whole family to get ready quickly in the early morning, without downtime and queues. You will quickly appreciate this advantage.

Some more interesting ideas

When choosing, try to be sure to try the water mixer on the test bench. This will allow you to understand a large number of different options, as well as to feel the quality of the water supply. Everyone has their own preferences, so try to approach your choice responsibly, not only in terms of design. Now there are also general recommendations for choosing water mixers, which relate to mixing modes, smooth flow of a jet and even economy of flow. In the conditions of total eco-friendliness, we must especially carefully monitor the latter indicator. This will also have an impact on your financial expenses. Therefore, you should be guided not only by appearance when purchasing this gadgets.

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