3D world at the head

We are too tired of the flat drawings that we can see everywhere. The modern American is freedom and individuality, and therefore his house inside must fully meet his expectations. With the latest trends in 2023, you will have the opportunity to transform your own bedroom very well.

So much so that your dream turns into a real pleasure. The three-dimensional wall at the headboard is the best trend. If you still think it is too expensive, then you are wrong. The American market is full of affordable solutions.

From sculpting to carving

And so, you have an infinite number of options. Therefore, we will give you just three ideas:

  • Three-dimensional wood installation. You take certain pieces of wood that are the same shape, but different sizes. And then you place them vertically, covering the entire wall. The difference in height creates a stunning visual effect.
  • You can make bas-reliefs from expanded polystyrene. They also look very good. They can also be repainted.
  • Try using different levels of steps with an abstract shape. For this, you can use multi-layer plywood. Layering the layers step by step makes the task easier.

You can do it yourself

Just imagine how many different materials, finished sculptures and other products are available in the markets. All this can form the basis of your decor. Acrylic, various flexible polymer clays and other innovative building materials allow you to create your own 3D installation in your bedroom. Moreover, you can first draw everything on paper, even if it will be very ugly. But have a general

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