Graphite bedroom

Sometimes it seems that we cannot come up with anything new from shades of gray and black. Now try to think of the following interesting concepts for 2023. This is a graphite or charcoal bedroom.

Call it whatever you want, but the warm velvet tones allow you to truly relax and enjoy your sleep. It should look grim, but it isn't. It is very majestic and delightful at the same time.

A bit gothic and stylish

You can't call it a semblance of a medieval castle. This is something really new and intriguing. Moreover, you can even pick up matte furniture that does not give glare. Now look at the following three ideas:

  • Walls made of gray or black imitation bricks will look very stylish. Especially if there is a color border or a smooth transition.
  • On the floor, you can use painted black oak parquet without varnish, which will reduce the overall reflectivity.
  • Try to innovate as much as possible in the painting of metal surfaces. Everything should be mouse gray or steel, like salmon. There are now enough shades on the US market that can be combined to implement this trendy idea.

Graphite, coal, basalt

As we said, you can call it whatever you want. But this does not change the general meaning. You can call it your personal night, space, or the kingdom of Morpheus. It's still one of the most comfortable bedroom environments you can imagine. At the moment, many Americans, tired of the stress at work, try to get enough sleep in dark bedrooms. This is one of the modern trends that will still be actively developing.

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