3D installations in 2023 interior

In the modern world, we are accustomed to the fact that illusions mislead us, showing what we want to see. The unique appearance of the product is the main prerogative of 2023. At the moment, one of the main interior trends is three-dimensional panels of various types.

Their choice will completely depend on your financial capabilities and personal preferences. There are practically no design restrictions right now, but these solutions are really taking over the world by leaps and bounds.

Any materials

Listen to the following ideas for success:

  • Volumetric figures made of glass. The multi-layer structure is glued using a special UV compound. And in each layer, you can direct an LED with a specific color. The result is a very spectacular picture.
  • Now try looking at the columnar three-dimensional bas-reliefs made from nails of different lengths. It looks a little strange, but it's very cool!
  • Wood cubes or logs of different heights also create a very interesting visual effect when paving walls. And you can even do this at the head of your bed in the bedroom.

Welcome to the future

If we read science fiction, we will see many descriptions of such interiors. It seems that writers are quite similar to prophets in some lines of their own works. Such three-dimensionality has long been on everyone's mind, but modern technologies, machines and materials allow only now to create the most crazy ideas. You can model almost any 3D for a reasonable price. It is not expensive if you come up with an idea and a sketch yourself.

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