Natural wood textures in the 2023 interior

On the one hand, when we find ourselves in a cabin somewhere near the lake, we begin to realize that the primitive interior is not that bad. A very interesting atmosphere also reigns in the old wooden houses. Why not do it in a new way?

2023 gives us such a great opportunity, as natural wood is back on trend again. But forget about splinters and sawdust. These are new technologies in the processing of high-quality wood, which gives a special charm and even some elegance. The interior of the Viking hut is back.

Back to the roots

Fortunately, wood is available in the USA. Use the following tips to recreate this design concept:

  • If it looks like a regular board, then that's good. Use them for finishing so that the gaps between them are clearly visible. You can even fill them with epoxy and place colored LED lights inside.
  • If it is a chair, then why can't it be cut from a piece of hemp? Moreover, the seat will be very comfortable if you think over good ergonomics.
  • An irregular table with bark left will also blend in well with lattice lights made from wooden slats.

Modern forester's lodge

Use as few lines as possible. The main problem of every modern interior is that we clutter up the useful space, forcing it to play against us. This greatly affects the atmosphere and overall perception of the interior of the house. The tree should carry lightness and airiness with the general roughness of the lines. Then you just get a generational change mixed with old traditions.

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