When One Sink isn’t Enough

Chances are that most Americans are familiar with the problem of having to use the sink and there are a lot of dirty dishes in there. This is a common nuisance, but you can easily fix it by installing multiple sinks. Moreover, this is one of the basic trends of 2023.

It will be not only relevant, but also very convenient for your whole family.

Great ideas

Try working in this direction if you want to implement this concept in your kitchen:

  • You can use sinks in two different, very contrasting styles. And let it be hi-tech and retro. All this will look very unusual, and you will get a contrasting advantage without experimenting with color.
  • You can arrange multiple sinks in one row, each with a different size and shape. The round one makes it easy to drain the spaghetti water or fill up a pot full. The rectangle is the maximum load, and the square is convenient for vegetables and fruits.
  • Why not place them in different corners of your kitchen cabinet. And let there be 2-3 of them, it will look even more impressive. This is a great solution that will allow several members of your family to participate in cooking at the same time without interfering with each other.

For hygiene reasons

For example, you need to wash dishes and shoes in the same basin. Even changing the water will still not rid you of all bacteria. Now imagine putting dirty vegetables right in the sink. How do you know who and with what hands took it all in the supermarket or on the farm? All this is safely transferred to your mouth. Therefore, it is better to make 2 or even 3 kitchen sinks. This is very beneficial for your health.

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