Contrasting minimalism

The main feature of the minimalist style is the emphasized emptiness. Suitable for large open spaces. The interior is not full of many items.

Everything that is mentally associated with luxury is missing here: crystal chandeliers, an abundance of furniture, household appliances and dishes. The main value is a sense of breadth, even on the smallest square feet.

Main features

Only the necessary things are present. A minimalistic kitchen is a complete lack of accessories. Even a magnet brought from a trip will be extremely inappropriate on the strict surface of the refrigerator. Appliances, built-in, and furniture without fittings. A person who comes for the first time will not immediately guess where the cups are and whether it is generally possible to cook something here. Mainly natural colors are used. To create a laconic and airy space, all shades of white and gray, beige, black, mother-of-pearl, natural wood color are suitable. A bright spot may appear here.

What else will we add?

Another important characteristic is a lot of light. In a room where it is difficult to focus on something, lighting comes to the fore. There must be a lot of it. Large windows are not hidden behind curtains, glass partitions and local lighting are used. Ascetic design projects are suitable for people who dream of abandoning the mass of objects in the interior and strive to increase their living space. They make the overworked brain relax, which is especially appreciated by the inhabitants of megacities.

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