Countertop with backlight, geometry and epoxy resin

Sometimes, real magic in your interior doesn't take much effort, because modern technologies offer great solutions for a reasonable price. And all this is called one material, epoxy. At the moment it is a very progressive product that can be used as you see fit.

The table top is cut into parts, between them there are joints filled with neon transparent resin, and high-quality lighting is organized from below. All this seems to be a detail of a foreign interior, but this is a real reality, which is now available to most American families.

What you need to know about this great idea

This is a rather complex and non-standard product. Now please read about the main features of this design for a countertop. Then you can easily apply this in your own interior:

  • The relatively small distances in the joints create the effect of cracks, and the large width will make it look like an interior from a science fiction movie.
  • The perception depends not only on the color of the countertop, but also on its thickness. The thicker the garment, the more depth you feel.
  • As for the color of the wood itself, then the maximum contrast should be obtained with the epoxy resin.

What changes can you make to this idea

Yes, the example shows hexagons, but who said you should use this particular shape? You can simulate broken glass, spider webs, or even fire with vibrant red or orange epoxy. And the flickering LED backlight adds an extra effect to this. All this will look really very impressive. Now there are amazing compositions of epoxy resins that make an almost monolithic surface from the entire product, and they are relatively inexpensive.

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