The bright grayness of your kitchen

Gray has many advantages: it looks great in any light, matches any style and suits any room from the living room to the kitchen. The gray living room is warm and boring - easy and by yourself, with the help of decor. With the kitchen, things are more difficult, because you need to think over interesting solutions for the kitchen in advance, even at the design stage.

We will tell you what techniques designers use to make a classic gray kitchen original.

Few details

Many are afraid that a gray kitchen will look too pale, but they are not ready to experiment with bright colors either. In this case, designers offer less risky techniques. The combination of different materials helps to make the interior textured. When choosing gray for walls or facades, take a closer look at deep complex shades. For example, you can choose gray with an admixture of beige or green - this is interesting when the perception of a hue changes depending on the lighting.

And some more tips

A gray kitchen with a light wood worktop is a classic Scandinavian trend. If one tabletop seems to be not enough to warm the space, designers choose more interesting combinations. For example, warm shades of wood are transferred to the facade, island and floor. Gray is able not only to reconcile contrasting colors, but also to combine styles from different eras. To add a touch of royal chic to the modern kitchen, designers advise using brass and gold. Matte gray can soften the flashy shine and enhance the beauty of the metal.

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