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Provence style kitchen design is the pursuit of perfection in every detail. Comfort and simplicity, as well as French flavor. Best of all, this style manifests itself in the kitchen interior.

But if you live in an ordinary apartment, this does not mean that you will not see renovations in the spirit of the French countryside. There are many different design techniques to expand the space visually.
Small additions
Provence style kitchens and other European interior styles are becoming more and more popular in our area. Provence (aka French country) is a warm and homely design that can warm our homes even on the coldest winter evenings. And there is no mistake about that. This interior originates on the azure coasts of the south of France and today is the hallmark of the interiors of this country. The interior of a Provence style kitchen implies a lot of light into the room. Natural light enters through large windows, and if there are none, you need to take care of a sufficient number of lamps. Handcrafted items are highly valued in Provence style kitchen design. These can be carved facades, wicker baskets and self-sewn curtains.
The sophistication of old Europe
There is a small hint of the palace interiors that the poor French once allowed themselves. Therefore, all elements of this type, no matter how you add them, will create harmony with this great style. Your kitchen will become something completely new, special and unusual for the United States. This evokes admiration and genuine surprise. You can simply create a kitchen interior that will definitely not be done by your closest neighbors. Also, a similar design solution is good for your dining room, but you can simply separate these two zones in different directions using different colors.

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