Charm of external wiring

Once upon a time, all wires were conducted outside the wall. People began to make grooves in concrete and brick only after the 1950s, and earlier it was a common part of the interior. You can see this in old photos.

There is some truth in the fact that fashion is returning. In 2023, such solutions have become increasingly common in interiors. At the moment, Americans often resort to this so as not to spoil the finish if it is necessary to repair the wiring. It is very convenient if everything is organized correctly.

Greetings from the 1920s

Oh yes, this is indeed the reincarnation of a very old idea. Necessity has turned into a fashion accessory:

  • With wires, you can do ceiling zoning. It looks really stylish. You can also use strong color contrast.
  • It is not necessary to use PVC boxes, you can lay the wiring outside on ceramic insulators.
  • In addition to this, you can use LED bulbs that look like the oldest incandescent bulbs. In them, the nichrome spiral is simulated by a special innovative design. But it looks very realistic.

It is completely safe

If you think that the electric current carries a certain danger for you, then you are deeply mistaken. Now there are special wires that allow you to solve this problem in the best safe way. Their shell has tremendous electrical resistance. Now try adding special mounting boxes to this. All this is laid on non-combustible material. Therefore, even with a short circuit, a fire will not occur. The engineers calculated everything very accurately, and the designers brought it to life.

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