Home theater with curtain

Perhaps it is difficult to name any nation that values ​​larger TVs more than Americans. The development of various services with movies and TV series contributed to this very much. Have you ever asked yourself the question that some decisions look ridiculous, and the TV is far removed from the overall design?

In 2023, there are many interesting trends that allow this gadget to look better in the interior of your living room. You can do it right now, without a major renovation in your home.

Welcome to the world of home cinema

You should use this in your interior design for the following reasons:

  • Your TV will be less dusty. Due to the magnetized matrix, it is constantly very dirty on it. But it will be much cleaner.
  • It is a good protection against children and pets. After all, they are destroyers, despite the fact that we love them.
  • Another advantage of this is that you obscure a huge reflective surface from the general view. If this is not the case in your interior, then it is better to hide this out-of-row element.

The curtain is a must

This is your room, and this is the cinema. This is a movie theater, and this is your room. Do you understand the difference? This part is just a slice of your leisure time, and the rest of the time this huge screen clearly does not add comfort to your living room. Therefore, try to pay enough attention to this magnificent corner so that it gives joy only when it is needed. But for this, only wall mounting is suitable. You can also build it into a niche in the wall. This is an even more hidden option. And you can close it with a picture drawn on a retractable screen.

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