LED strip in the interior

It seems that standard fixtures are hopelessly stuck in the last century when everything was reduced to standard. Now look at how much lighting has changed over the past decade. And if you do not want to change something, then this is excessive conservatism and your right.

But 2023 living room trends in the United States tell a different story. Flexible luminaires based on LED strip change everything. You are fast, flexible and decisive, so you change quickly. This flexibility should be inherent in the world around you.

Change your light yourself

Try to adhere to the following rules:

  • You should provide for a sufficient number of different mounts where you will bend the LED strip. This is done very well in the Loft style.
  • The luminaire can be held in a flexible tube. This is a rather fragile electronic product, you have to make it much stronger. Any frame can be used for this, even a good flexible chain.
  • Try using LEDs with different colors. This will allow you to simulate the color to suit your mood, setting, or situation. This is a very good concept and is relatively inexpensive.

It's time to give up the chandelier

The electric analogue of the chandelier comes from ancient bronze items that were in palaces and wealthy mansions. It's just a habit that's carried over into the 20th century. Now it has lost its relevance. You can change the lighting in your room on a daily basis. Especially if you use the smart home concept. And do not be afraid to take bold steps, because this is your relevance to this world.

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