Mirror Portals

Modern trends of 2023 really know how to surprise. The new living room concepts are really great, but they completely change the way we think about many things. Your mirror will look completely different if it is half the size of a wall and has a completely unusual shape.

We are too used to rectangles to draw a parallel between the reflective wall surface and what we see in the bathroom. Such a solution is not cheap, but it is completely ahead of its time by 20-40 years. Therefore, you can make further repairs by only changing the colors.

It is very convenient

Now, use the following tips:

  • Place a large plant with huge leaves near the mirror. This will give your room a lot more coziness. Everything will not look so empty and bad.
  • Never install mirrors with sharp corners. Let it be circles or an oval, but not a rectangle or broken line. Otherwise, it is an automatic referral to the office.
  • Try to create a large number of different surrounding elements to mask the mirror. Otherwise, it will be a very obsessive emphasis. It can be various paintings, a coffee table, decorative elements, but not a frame.

Endless room

The most important advantage of such solutions is the powerful expansion of the space. You can make something really huge out of a small room. And even if you cannot enter there, the room will look much more spacious. It is also a great reflection of light. You can make various innovations indefinitely, but this is the best option. Your room will be bigger, brighter and much more comfortable.

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