2023 Small Living Room Design Trends

A small living room can be an undeniable advantage of your home. To do this, you should use the recommendations of the most experienced designers and the trends that we have specially found for you. You should strive for renovation, as this is one of the few rooms that can be visited by your guests.

And what do you want to be said about you? Hospitality is good, but people need to feel a special atmosphere. It's time to make a big renovation that will suit your temperament as much as possible.

The best ideas of 2023

A small living room will give you much better privacy with your family than a large room. Use the following trending ideas to achieve some success:

  • Nowadays, coffee tables with a narrow table top are very popular. It looks more like a shelf, but how much space do you need to put a cup of coffee and a plate of your favorite sandwich?
  • Do not deprive the living room of the cosiness by placing a patchwork carpet in front of the sofa, which is one of the basic trends of 2023.
  • A portable trendy floor lamp is also a good solution. You can move it to the corner of the room at any time.
  • Choose only flat ceiling lights so as not to destroy the small volume of the room. The ring light will get rid of the shadows that visually zone the room.

Add some more variety to your interior

Never clutter a small living room with numerous cupboards, otherwise you will turn it into a pantry. Also try to find the smallest sofa possible without massive armrests. In this sense, a modular system is well suited for you, because it can be easily transformed to suit your needs. Hang blinds with prints on the windows, which are the trend of 2023, but completely give up curtains. You can paint them on the walls, which is also noted in trendy interiors. You can build a TV into the wall by arranging additional airflow inside, which is very important in the summer. The floor should have a glossy finish in a trendy honey or mint color that will refresh and visually increase the size of the room.

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