Honey, amber and sun

For some unknown reason, warm shades are not very popular. Black, gray and white. At its best, it's still red and blue.

Sometimes it seems that designers have just run out of fantasy. But this is not so, it all depends on the wishes of the owners. All shades of yellow prevail in the trends of 2022. And you can use them all for an extraordinary bathroom renovation that you can start right now. You will have a choice of many very unusual building materials that are sure to change the overall setting and atmosphere. Take the first step to becoming a trendsetter.

Why should you make this renovation?

This design for your bathroom renovation has certain nuances. Listen to the recommendations of experts:

  • Use as many shades of yellow as possible. Let it be mustard, buttercups, dandelions, sunflowers, butterfly wings, amber or yellow topaz fragments. You can create an unimaginable kaleidoscope.
  • Waterproof paints in similar shades are now also available, so you can use them on individual walls.
  • The mosaic will look especially elegant if there are color transitions here.

If you are missing sunny days

This bathroom renovation will be especially relevant for residents of the northern states, where the harsh climate constantly reigns. Just imagine that you have come from a snowy road and want to keep warm. Your bathroom has an infrared heater, and you can warm yourself up well before bed. It all looks very appealing, as the yellow color in this innovative interior is definitely pacifying. It looks very unusual.

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