Wild stone and wood

What would you do if you only had primitive tools at your disposal and you had to mine the materials for your own bathroom yourself? That's right, you would turn to stone and wood, as our ancestors did. In 2023, these trends are making a comeback for bathroom renovations.

You can create an ultra-modern interior for a reasonable price. And your hygiene procedures will take place in a more comfortable environment. Maintenance of such surfaces will be extremely simple with a steam generator or just a high pressure washer.

Why should you make this renovation?

This design for your bathroom renovation has certain nuances. Listen to the recommendations of experts:

  • In fact, only the appearance is important to you. You can easily use artificial stones that have a sufficient margin of safety, as well as increased resistance to mold and the appearance of microorganisms on surfaces.
  • There is a special tile imitating rough boards. Use it on the floor to be successful.
  • You can enhance the effect by making a waterfall from the ceiling. It will look great. And don't forget about real living plants.

Back to primitiveness

Sometimes the world around us looks too perfect for us to feel comfortable. It is for this reason that we take off our shoes and walk barefoot on the grass in order to establish contact with nature. Rough materials take us back to the days when we lived in huts and caves, but it is possible that this renovation will charge you with mood and radically change the whole meaning of your home. Try this trend to get the most out of your hygiene next time.

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