Wood and green prints

Most Americans encounter concrete jungle in their daily lives. We are children of asphalt and office skyscrapers that put a certain amount of pressure on us. Therefore, among the trends of 2022, there is a sharp rise in the so-called eco-friendly projects.

At least by their appearance, they should remind us of nature, give a certain psychological rest. You can take advantage of this opportunity by completely redesigning your bathroom.

Why should you make this renovation?

This design for your bathroom renovation has certain nuances. Listen to the recommendations of experts:

  • Green plants only look good if they are large. Small sizes reduce everything into a pattern that completely ruins this idea.
  • You can use any tropical plants. Also, a bush of an unpretentious plant that does not need lighting will look good on the bathroom bedside table.
  • Imitation wood also looks good if it looks like planks. A square tile imitating wood will look completely ridiculous. Now also on the American market you can find ceramic imitation lamellas.

Full eco-friendly

You can choose ceramic tiles that imitate wood. It will look very realistic, but you will not have much trouble in leaving. There are also many sets of tiles with plant images. Now it is also possible to create gorgeous silk-screen printing on special printers or hire an artist to paint any splendor on white tiles using moisture-resistant acrylic paints. You have a lot of options, but you can easily make a radical renovation, getting rid of the boring style.

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