Big Geometry Time

Sometimes it seems that designers, in pursuit of a unique idea, simply forget that there are simpler geometric shapes in this world. But 2023 bathroom design reminded of that. Now tiles are again in vogue, where triangles, rectangles, squares, ovals and multi-colored lines are drawn.

All this creates a unique design that is highly dependent on a large number of different factors, such as a bath, lighting, the use of various curtains, etc. Sometimes the slight presence of these decorative elements can completely change the perception of the bathroom, forever changing your idea of ​​it.

As in a school lesson

Oh yes, it is possible that you have only seen so many geometric patterns at your desk. But it should be used in the interior for the following reasons:

  • This is a great placement of accents. You can create different functional areas well by emphasizing them with geometry.
  • Geometric motifs can be handcrafted using special acrylic paints. You don't need to be a great artist to do this. It is enough just to correctly hold the rulers and brushes in your hands.
  • You can even use special applications, protecting them on top with a two-component clear coat.

Controlled chaos

Nobody says that all this geometry should be located according to certain rules. All this will be placed in random order, forming a continuous chaos of lines and angles. But this is so beautiful. Just imagine your boring bathroom looking super bright, this is a place where a morning shower and hygiene procedures will boost your mood. Therefore, start immediately to implement this idea in your home.

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