Closer to nature

In 2023, everything is in an ecological trend against the background of global warming and other troubles happening to our planet. After a plastic office and a dusty concrete street, you come to your own home, want to rest, relax, take a shower, wash off this day. But to get the maximum boost and switch to something good, large floral prints, exotic plant leaves, vines and other green large objects.

All this looks very unusual, and many manufacturers have already prepared the corresponding collections of tiles.

Welcome to the jungle

And now it is necessary to announce the main concepts of this 2023 trend:

  • Now the preference is given to textures that look like a pencil drawing. All this is modeled in graphic editors.
  • Some companies now offer silk-screen printing on tiles. This allows you to easily transfer any drawing from your computer by changing its scale.
  • Never give up flowers, butterflies and vines hanging from the ceiling. It will look very interesting and elegant. You can also use well-known images of North American plants.

Not only summer

Everything related to the plant part of nature can be depicted on your walls. It can even be falling autumn leaves, branches of ordinary American trees and other interesting drawings. Moreover, some Americans even hire artists for this, who can draw any composition with acrylic in a very naturalistic way. On the floor, you can complement this with tiles that imitate rough oak boards. It will all look like your bathroom is somewhere far away in the mountains. With the right choice of lighting, all this will play with new colors. But don't forget about electrical safety.

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