Sculptural ceramics

In 2023, many design elements in American interiors have taken a step towards massive looks, pastel colors and regular geometric shapes. Yes, your bathtub, toilet and sink will look like a 3D model without texture, but with a hint of natural granite and marble in surface colors. Something like this prevailed in the early 1990s, but now it’s all back in a completely different way.

Now the designers have tried to actualize these ideas. It's not cheap, but worth it.

Simplicity and massiveness

Now we will describe the main features of this unusual bath ceramic:

  • An internal void is usually hidden behind a large visual thickness. In fact, the walls are empty inside. Manufacturers often use reinforcement.
  • In some cases, designers even use artificial stone. It looks very impressive, but is relatively cheap compared to solid granite and marble.
  • The shapes are often mind-boggling. It can be an inverted truncated pyramid, a toroid, or a truncated cube. Despite such an unusual appearance, it is very convenient for daily use.

It's done by hand!

The fact is that many of these ceramic products are actually hand-processed and molded in special factories. Nowadays, industrial production, which generates a lot of defective parts, is gradually becoming a thing of the past. The slight intervention of a true ceramic master creates a stunning visual effect. All this looks very expensive, although it is all within the reach of the average American. You can also use acrylic painting on ceramics or silkscreen to customize these objects.

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