Terrazzo returns

Terrazzo is a building material originally from Venice. It consists of pieces of stone, marble and glass, poured into a single canvas with cement. It is also often referred to as a mosaic floor.

Terrazzo originated in Venice as a way to dispose of waste marble. It is still in production today and can be found in the flooring of villas in Italy. It is quite expensive, but it is one of the main trends in 2023 for the bathroom. Now it is more often an artificial imitation than natural marble and granite mixed with white cement. But it looks just fine.

The nobility of big spots

Now let's go over the basics of using this trend in the bathroom interior:

  • You can use a monotonous color scheme everywhere, and then just make inserts from Terrazzo.
  • This will distribute everything to the appropriate zones. And if you pick the lighting skillfully, it will look great too. All these specks shimmer and create a stunning visual effect.
  • You can use a checkerboard pattern by sticking Terrrazzo on the floor. It looks very impressive and unusual.
  • We can often find Terrazzo with unusual color combinations, different from most of the usual classic schemes. This is just a direction in design, where everyone can choose freely.

What is Terrazzo?

This is what allows Americans to create Italian designs. After all, many of us came from Italy. These design motifs inspire, this is a real flavor not for rich Venetian palaces, but for ordinary, simple houses in which you and I live. Therefore, try to do everything very efficiently. This is a real charm and a charge of good mood.

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