Contrast sleeping area

If you are used to being in the spotlight all the time, then you need an appropriate idea for your bedroom interior. Let it be a bright and contrasting place against the background of the general nondescript decoration of the walls, ceiling and floor. This is one of the top trends of 2023 that you can bring to reality in your home right now.

It will be relatively inexpensive, but you can fully enjoy your stay in your home at the most important moments. It's about waking up and falling asleep.

A place where a strong personality sleeps

Now imagine that you are a person, the owner of this house, you do not want to dissolve in it, right? You always want to be on your personal throne, even when you sleep. So catch these three ideas, you will definitely like them:

  • You can create two bright zones, hinting at bringing together the places of interest for you. Let it be a dressing table and a bed. It will all look very unusual.
  • Light also gives emphasis. Remember to illuminate the entire perimeter of the headboard with dim LEDs.
  • It is better to remove all furniture altogether. Leave only the bed. But this is only beneficial in small bedrooms.

Any color on a pastel background

Now, give an answer to the question of what will look contrasting on a beige or light gray background? You don't have to look for the answer, almost any color will immediately look very attractive. Therefore, just choose what will be dear to an important heart. Orange fire or scarlet rose, green spring grass or rose wine. Anything you really like. This is what this fashion concept is all about.

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