2022 Best Wall Art und Wall Decor Ideas

This is not only about wallpaper and decorative plaster. These are decorations that will be located at the top of the finishing materials. Family photos are always very good, but you have to understand how cool it is to live in a renovated interior.

To do it right, we have specially collected for you the best trend ideas from the top designers in the USA in 2022. This should give you inspiration and help you decide on the main vectors. After all, without this, you will only do aimless rearrangements of furniture or nail a printed picture on the wall.

The best ideas of 2022

Wall decoration will dramatically change the whole concept of your room. Use the following trending ideas from 2022 to revolutionize:

  • Kinetic sculptures are simply amazing, they are not cheap, but they are very fashionable and will suit any interior. You can mix their mesmerizing movement with a wall clock. Such solutions are often used in large rooms in order to enliven the interior.
  • Try sliced ​​and dispersed mirrors. They will also help transform the interior. You can fill the space between them with multi-colored strong coloring. This will overcome the dullness of your rooms, making a cool bright spot.
  • Another interesting idea is to make a panel from antique objects. It will look like a small piece of a museum, but it will add some hidden luxury. And let it not be real antiques, but you will achieve your goal.

Add some more variety to your interior

The whole idea is for this decoration to blend well with your overall design. If this is an ethnic style, then even let it be a composition of pine sticks, twigs and cones made by your children. It all looks very stylish when combined. Trends are good, but you need to think about harmony. Among such hand-made solutions, tapestries and embossed paper paintings are now very popular. This adds extra volume and also creates an unobtrusive decoration. Another idea is to hang regular geometric shapes in brushed metal. It definitely grabs attention, and you can choose any combination.

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