Copper flat coffee tables

Fine copper has long been used in the Middle East since ancient times. Craftsmen made dishes and even small pieces of furniture by chasing. These items have an authentic look that has become one of the basic trends of 2022.

You can easily use it for your own needs, and it all comes down to simple maintenance and good resistance to damage. If you follow oriental traditions, then they set up several such tables in order to distribute food and sweets for tea on their countertops. They usually use painted or enameled surfaces. Cloisonne enamel can also be used.

The main features of this furniture

To understand this concept well, read the following features of these furniture items:

  • You can create several of these tables in a circle by joining them to a larger copy. In fact, these are just round copper trays on supports.
  • In principle, any workshop that provides the services of a tinsmith can easily make such products. Only the supply of the copper sheet depends on you.
  • Painting is usually done with cold or hot enamels. You can hire an artist for these purposes. On the degreased surface of copper, everything adheres very firmly.

Timeless material for oriental styles

This is the very case when your acquisition will be inherited. This is possible, of course, if it is made of metal, and not painted with paint that imitates patinated copper. You can collect them in a whatnot, arrange candies or small, urgently needed items on the countertops. This can be used however you see fit. There are practically no restrictions for this style now, but it can easily fit into other interior designs. Experiment and live on the bright side.

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