Height adjustable coffee table

Here, you are sitting near the TV, the coffee table is full of food, but there is one unpleasant moment. The table top is too high or too low for your height. You have to reach uncomfortably, put a pillow or ottoman under you, or bend down strongly.

This all gradually spoils the mood. The trends of 2022 will save you from that. The screw feed of the tabletop will help correct this situation with a slight rotational movement. In some moments, you can easily use it instead of a chair. This is a truly versatile piece of furniture.

The main features of this furniture

To understand this concept well, read the following features of these furniture items:

  • In this case, the table top does not have to be round. A square table can also rotate, right?
  • Even if the countertop is very large, this can be done very easily. Therefore, such solutions will be relevant not only for coffee tables. The dining table will also be well adjusted in height.
  • Another key feature is the support with widely spaced points. It significantly lowers the center of gravity, making the structure more stable.

Highest degree of convenience

In addition to changing the height, you can rotate it in order to reach your favorite treat. Such flexible solutions are increasingly included in the interior compositions of Americans, who value comfort more than the exterior of objects. A bit industrial design, but this 2022 trend definitely has a right to exist. Similar rotating solutions come from the chairs used by musicians.

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