Off-center coffee table

We often enjoy the wonders of engineering creations. All this has been going on since ancient times, when people wondered why the Leaning Tower of Pisa did not fall. If we correctly calculate the center of gravity, then we can easily manage this.

Such solutions have become trends in furniture. This applies not only to armchairs and swings, but also to coffee tables. In 2022, all this gained unprecedented popularity, and Americans began to order more of these products. It all looks very bewitching; sometimes our consciousness even refuses to believe that it is possible.

The main features of this furniture

To understand this concept well, read the following features of these furniture items:

  • Choose this product not only as an accessory, but also in terms of functionality.
  • Optimum colors are white or polished metal. So it all looks even more luxurious.
  • Most of these solutions look better in a large room.
  • Perforated countertops look especially interesting, but you won't be able to stack small items on them.

No, it won't fall!

If we turn to the school physics course, then all the rules for systems with a displaced center of gravity are described there. Also, the support shifted to the side compensates for the entire misalignment, so a fall will definitely not occur. Even if you put something heavy on the surface. Consider that this is an ordinary table and do not be afraid of anything. These systems are so robust that they are safe even for young children. There is a precise engineering calculation behind every such piece of furniture.

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