2021 Fireplace Mantel Ideas

It seems that it is almost impossible to diversify the fireplace, until you have encountered mantel. This is an almost limitless field of activity. A huge number of different solutions that are dictated by the template of modern trends in 2021. Unfortunately, you will practically not have a field for self-made. So put up with it and go through all the options currently available. Now there are a huge number of different options, you can combine them and even take individual elements you like. But it's better not to improvise, otherwise you will create something really ridiculous. And this is worse than the lack of decoration.

The best 2021 ideas for your fireplace

Mantels can be pretty much anything, but you'll love fresh new destinations for sure. The trends in this vector are incredible, so use them in your own interior:

  • A natural vine weave will look very warm and cozy. The thinner each element is, the more sophisticated everything will look. You can also intertwine different colors without dyeing.
  • Broken ceramic plates of different colors are also in trend. But for this you have to break the plates. Do not try to look for fragments, because here you also need to select certain combinations.
  • Another idea is to use multi-colored pebbles paved with radial patterns. You can also try to pave a real painting, but it takes a lot of effort and artistic vision. And yes, this is a reference to Ancient Rome, where such solutions were extremely popular.

Custom cladding is also in vogue

But for this you need to create your own improvisation on a specific topic. And we are sure that you will definitely do it. If this is a wicker decor, then let it not be reed, but bamboo. You can paint it any color, but do not deviate from the basic concept. If these are custom bricks, then you have to make them the most unimaginable texture you can create. Mantel gives you unlimited possibilities. But the point is that many Americans are not ready to use it. To do this in your interior, you just have to move away from stereotypes. And then everything will work out for you.