Corner fireplace insert

If you bought a house with a protruding corner, then this is not a problem. You can easily use this to properly equip your room with a fireplace. There are now special inserts for sale designed specifically for such places.

This is a very good thing for those who have long dreamed of a fireplace. As for the chimney, you can simply punch a hole straight from the corner through the roof by installing a sandwich pipe with excellent thermal insulation. Now manufacturers make many such modifications not only for external, but also for classic corners.

The best solution for your home

This is a very interesting solution, but you don't know anything about its main benefits. We have specially selected for you the best features of this unusual and useful device:

  • If you will be using a fireplace, then come up with a nice frame around. This will give a more interesting look to this product. Plain glass will be too faceless.
  • In order not to create a medieval interior, you can use LED lighting. And even LEDs that change their color.
  • Another feature of this fireplace stove is that it will heat the coldest corner.

Basic ideas for implementation in the interior

Try to create more variety of coziness in order for your home to change significantly. You can add a laundry rack to your fireplace to dry your wet shoes and shoes. You can also place drying hooks on the sides. Also, the corner fireplace can be equipped with a decorative grate. Also sometimes there are glasses with patterns and drawings. They will look very good in the interior, and some of your guests will not even guess that this is a fireplace.

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