Open fireplace insert

If you ask the question why we make fireplaces in our homes, then one of the most popular answers would be the contemplation of the flame. We love to look at fire and it is difficult to find any explanation for this, it is possible that this has remained with us from primitive times. Usually the fireplace insert is too closed from our sight.

But if you want to observe such a "fire aquarium", then this choice is definitely for you. Modern glass can withstand enormous temperatures.

The best solution for your home

This is a very interesting solution, but you don't know anything about its main benefits. We have specially selected for you the best features of this unusual and useful device:

  • Typically, this kind of fireplace only works well with propane. You simply won't be able to load firewood there if you don't make the doors on the back.
  • The best option would be installation inside the column. You can reap many benefits from this, including good heating.
  • You can build drop-down or clip-on hangers to dry your clothes in a circle.

Basic ideas for implementation in the interior

Who said that you should choose just such a fireplace insert? In this type, glass is often curved, which allows for increased heat transfer. And its polygonal solutions are popular. If there is a column in the middle of the house, then you can build everything into it to get a circular view. Then you can have a real bonfire party with your friends at any time of the year. It is very interesting, romantic and attractive.

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