Vertical fireplace insert

We are too used to stereotypes in the interior. If the fireplace door closes, then this must necessarily happen like an oven. But why can't we arrange it vertically, in landscape orientation?

This is a very interesting solution that provides improved traction and a good view for the observer. We will have a higher flame, pleasantly illuminating the room. This location also has many different benefits that you can realize with daily use. When choosing, try to look for the most reliable modifications made of cast iron using heat-resistant glass.

The best solution for your home

This is a very interesting solution, but you don't know anything about its main benefits. We have specially selected for you the best features of this unusual and useful device:

  • There may be grates inside, which are used for cooking or heating food.
  • Typically, these fireplaces work only with wood or gas. Other fuels are not supported.
  • Heat transfer occurs not only in the horizontal plane. It is very convenient to keep warm if you are sitting opposite.

Basic ideas for implementation in the interior

This thing allows you not to visually shorten your room. All vertically oriented objects increase the height of the ceiling quite well. If you adhere to this principle, you can easily install such a fireplace insert in a relatively small room. Usually, the door does not stick out of the wall, so in non-working mode, you can cover such a fireplace with a curtain or screen. This will be especially true in the summer season, when heating is not needed.

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