Combination of tiles and boards

Sometimes it seems that designers are now ready to use completely incompatible materials that have mutual rejection. But in modern styles, anything is possible, especially in the trends of 2022. Therefore, you can easily make a floor covering in your home, consisting of tiles and polished boards.

It seems like something mutually rejected, but it is not. It looks very stylish and high quality, but this decision also has a powerful functional rationale. Such a perimeter in the kitchen will greatly facilitate home cleaning work, because it is under the walls that most of the household appliances are located.

What you need to know about this design element

It is quite difficult to deal with this idea on your own. So try listening to the following expert advice:

  • The thickness of the board and the tile does not have to be the same. You can combine them by this parameter very easily.
  • You can also create high quality color contrast. Black and white, red and blue. Any combination is available to you.
  • Try making wide joints between the elements to fill them with a third color.

Unimaginable and comfortable combination

In fact, it all looks very cool and unusual. You can choose a combination of geometric shapes to enhance the visual effect. Use hexagonal or triangular tiles combined with regular straight planks. Even if they have a wavy shape, it will look very beautiful. Try to create something really special on your gender, because with this idea you have all the possibilities for this.

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