Futuristic old parquet floor

This unusual 2022 flooring fashion trend is completely unexpected. This is a very interesting trend that manifests itself in some places on its own. We can make it artificially, and some manufacturers even make it on their own.

You can easily find the suitable options. And the source is the trampled painted wooden planks. Sometimes they have really amazing texture. Moreover, the real palette is often manifested in them. This is the case when old does not mean bad. Similar boards, which are 50-70 years old, are also used in new interiors, but they are too expensive.

What you need to know about this design element

It is quite difficult to deal with this idea on your own. So try listening to the following expert advice:

  • Do not forget that there is a primer under the paint, which supposedly should also be visible. This gives a brighter and more variegated palette than just paint and wood.
  • In order to artificially make your boards like this, there are many different sets of materials.
  • Try a variety of color combinations, as the boards are often painted in the most unimaginable colors.

It looks unrealistically cool

This is really something out of the ordinary. People have long noticed that even rusty metal has a certain visual impact. Therefore, old things, like a trampled floor, look amazing. But you absolutely don't have to dwell on one idea. There are many textures. What we have shown you is only the basis for further progress. But your room will definitely look very unusual.

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