Patchwork carpet

If you are tired of a lot of gray, black and other dull colors, then you decided to challenge stereotypes. And when it comes to flooring, our imagination dries up. But just look at this great 2022 trend.

The patchwork quilt is familiar to many Americans, but what about this type of carpet? Naturally, this is just coloring. You just end up with a solid rug that looks amazing like that. This is the choice of people who are especially cheerful. Some sites offer to make such a product yourself, but it will look ridiculous. Better to buy a branded product.

What you need to know about this design element

It is quite difficult to deal with this idea on your own. So try listening to the following expert advice:

  • The pile on this carpet should not be too long, otherwise it will create certain inconveniences when cleaning.
  • You don't have to match square shapes. These can be absolutely any flaps.
  • Don't try to get attached to a particular color combination. Just find something vibrant to brighten your room.

A fairy tale caught in reality

It looks so cozy that you want to lie down here and lie almost endlessly. You will have such an opportunity if you make this interior detail in your own home. You can fix the rug to the surface or just lay it down. It all depends on your goals and objectives. All the same, modern vacuum cleaners make it easy to clean up such a surface very quickly. It will look especially cute in the children's room. The fantasy of boys and girls will turn this carpet into a real magical world.

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