2022 Interior Door Design Trends

Interior doors in 2022 are becoming a real trend to be exploited. A faceless door leaf is currently considered bad manners, so try to use the maximum of interesting and really bright ideas. Today we will not recommend you unambiguous specimens, but will only indicate the basic directions.

To do this, we turned to the most trending American designers for advice.

Some basic ideas

Now try using the latest trends to get this idea right:

  • Sliding doors with a sliding system along the walls have obvious advantages over conventional swing doors. Firstly, sliding doors open silently, and secondly, they save space. This is especially important when the doorway is located against a wall or furniture.
  • The accordion door is another way to save space in the interior. Remember that plastic accordion doors do not retain heat well and transmit sounds. Therefore, it is better to choose them for zoning the space between the living room and the kitchen, the bedroom and the dressing room, etc. And the accordion glass doors are perfect as panoramic glazing in a country house.
  • Masking an interior door will cope not only with the task of rational use of space, but also hide the pantry or any other utility room from prying eyes.
  • If there is no time to paint the entire door leaf, then you can stop at the door moldings. For example, on a white door, highlight them with black paint or decorate them in the color of the door handle. And you can preliminarily "try on" the color using decorative tape, pasting them over the moldings before painting.

You can make your changes

In fact, the door leaf of interior doors completely relies only on your imagination. In order to understand exactly what you really need, you need to find out which style or direction your interior style belongs to. You shouldn't be repeating anything from wallpaper or wardrobes, but you should use general principles to piece together this huge puzzle. Modern technologies allow you to create a door in almost any design, and for expensive materials you can just do with imitation.