Futuristic minimalism in 2023 interior

It seems that the interiors of spaceships from films about the distant future are beginning to firmly enter our everyday life. This style is one of the main interior trends of 2023, and you can do it right now. This is the best choice for those who are tired of American stereotypes that change only in colors or a little in shapes.

Now is the time for a big change.

As few details as possible

Now let's talk about how to achieve the maximum visual effect:

  • Furniture without joints. It only looks like this from the outside, but it all needs to be carefully hidden. Then it will look really relevant even after 100 years.
  • Forget about patterns on the walls. There is no need to remember your roots, decorating everything with rock art. In a world ruled by advertising and big cities, we must rest.
  • Pastel shades will blur the accent in the corners. It doesn't have to be white, but everything has to be relatively monotonous. Then you can say that lunch was in the blue room, you cook in the green kitchen, and you sleep in the caramel bedroom.

Let there be hidden light!

This element first slips out of your sight, and then you will notice that something is wrong here. This will be noticeable immediately after installing a classic chandelier or lamps on the walls. The most you can afford is diffused ring light. In these interiors, there is no need to focus on lighting fixtures. After all, there are many points that illuminate all surfaces well with practically no shadows. But do not forget about the convenience of renovation, because you will need it someday.

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