2023 Best Interior Design Trends

The pursuit of understated luxury in 2023 will be a basic idea for home interiors. At the moment, the high cost does not lie in shiny walls or golden chandeliers, but in materials of a rare type, with unusual surface treatment. Also in 2023, some ethnic elements will gradually return.

Decorating this season loves accents. If you want to give too many hints about your direction, then it will be wrong. Smooth wall, one piece and light texture. Here are the main benchmarks for the current year 2023. These same trends will continue or multiply in the next season.
Check out these top-rated guidelines from top designers:
1. Divide the entire space not into rooms, but into zones. In other words, your bedroom should ideally only have a sleeping area. However, not all apartments allow us to "throw" extra meters like that. Several areas can be located in one room - for example, an office, a TV area, a recreation area. By the way, planning and drawing up a design project in advance will help to comply with all the rules and keep from mistakes.
2. In the interior we use wooden panels, bamboo structures, lamps and floor lamps made of rice paper, wood and fabric, and instead of classic curtains - Roman curtains made of linen, cotton or wool. And, of course, when designing and creating an interior design, the main emphasis is on lighting - ideally, these are large windows, LEDs and hidden lighting are suitable for additional light.
3. Get ready for a new paradigm. This trend represents the Scandinavian style with the addition of industrial design elements. Open brick walls, metal products, concrete shades - the combination of rough industrial interiors and soft tones of the Scandinavian style creates a unique design that is in line with the latest trends. In addition, the Japandi style is not losing ground - a hybrid of Japanese and Scandinavian styles, which is a symbiosis of practical comfort and restrained minimalism.

What else can be taken into account
Unfortunately, we cannot consider everything that is possible in the interior this year. In 2023, there is some explosion of ideas, the world is starting to wake up from a lockdown, and designers have accumulated a huge number of unrealized ideas. Therefore, we can expect a lot, but we will have to stop at one option. Otherwise, you can slip into endless choices, but in practice nothing will be realized.

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