Glass blue sky backsplash

Pastel interiors with washed out tones are slowly gaining popularity in 2023 for all types of rooms. Kitchens are no exception. Now check out this gorgeous light turquoise backsplash.

It is splendor itself, crafted from translucent glass. Thanks to this feature, a stunning optical effect is created, consisting in additional volume. You get an excellent point of attraction with a large margin of safety and absolute resistance to aggressive household chemicals. Ideal for your kitchen, which you can install right now.

The main advantages of this solution

Before using this idea in your own interior, listen to the main features of this backsplash:

  • There are now many different types of laminated glass, such as laminated glass, that are almost impossible to break in normal household use. Better choose them.
  • Wrap this backsplash in a stainless steel frame to make it look much more interesting and attractive.
  • If the top layer is covered with glitter, then it will look just magical. There are also special films that simulate this optical effect. You can easily use the entire range of modern materials.

Light and original glass product

It really looks like a little piece of heaven that is in your kitchen. Only white clouds are missing, which will remind of the similarity with part of our planet. This interior solution has great convenience. The glass appears to be absolutely inert to acids and alkalis, allowing you to maintain this backsplash with ease. Choose thick glass. Otherwise, it is not known what can happen when cooking food.

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