Matte mirror backsplash

Matte mirrored surfaces have amazing reflectivity for light and warmth. These metal sheets are widely used in saunas or spas, but they can also be used to create kitchen backsplash. You only see the silhouette of your own reflection, but you cannot see the details.

Thanks to this property, a very interesting optical effect is obtained, which gives a certain volume to a fuzzy image. This is one of the basic and most interesting trends of 2023. Considering the different surface treatments, as well as the various metals available, you can significantly diversify your interior.

The main advantages of this solution

Before using this idea in your own interior, listen to the main features of this backsplash:

  • There are special multi-layer materials where the metal is hidden under the glass. This will allow you to use your Backsplash significantly longer.
  • You can apply these coatings yourself, adding additional optical effects.
  • Try different panels with different reflectivity. This will help to significantly diversify your idea, as well as achieve a more interesting look. You can even create a kind of gradient.

For a bright and cheerful interior

If it seems to you that the amount of reflected light is too little, then it seems only at first glance. You can easily create any reflectivity, but do not use a mirror, otherwise various contaminants are too visible on it. You will immediately notice that your interior has become much brighter and more interesting. To ensure that the surface retains its appearance as long as possible, use mild household chemicals.

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