Metal honeycomb backsplash

Hexagonal shapes have been popular at all times, but now they are trending in 2023. And this applies to almost all rooms and interiors. You can use this kitchen backsplash to give your home some real originality and sophistication.

There are now many different types of embossed thin metal panels that serve only as a decorative function. These honeycombs can also be made from other materials, but aluminum or stainless steel are more practical for daily use and maintenance. Anyone who cleans up after themselves after cooking will definitely thank you. You can easily maintain sterile cleanliness.

The main advantages of this solution

Before using this idea in your own interior, listen to the main features of this backsplash:

  • You can choose not only volumetric options, as shown in the picture, but also flatter various options for honeycombs. Even if they are simply painted on the wall.
  • Try combining hexagons of different sizes through conjugated geometric shapes.
  • Some of the hexagons can be colored. This will only add extra charm. For this, you can use not only classic paint, but also chemical etching.

Shape given by nature

Hexagons are uniquely associated with honeycombs, but this is not the only structure that has a similar shape. Its main advantage is the correct pressure distribution. In our case, this practically does not play a similar role. We do this for the sake of decorating our own home and simple maintenance of the most polluted kitchen wall. This backsplash will serve you until you get bored.

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