Wooden backsplash

Wood does not lose its popularity, but it all depends on what exactly you will use. Do not confuse a professional product with a quality surface treatment with homemade wooden products. To see the difference, take a look at this gorgeous backsplash, which is the real trend of 2023.

You may say that wood is not suitable for this use, but you are greatly mistaken. So try this in your interior. It will go well with your similar style furniture. You need to try it at least once in order to become a trendsetter.

The main advantages of this solution

Before using this idea in your own interior, listen to the main features of this backsplash:

  • It gives off and accumulates a huge amount of heat. This will create in your kitchen a kind of special cozy atmosphere inherent in wooden houses.
  • You can checkerboard the dark and light colors for stunning contrast. But don't forget about the grain direction.
  • This piece is easy to clean, no more difficult than a tile. For some varieties, you may even be able to use the most aggressive household chemicals to deal with the fat.

Modern wood is different

Wood is now subject to very complex processing. Modern materials are capable of impregnating every fiber, in fact, turning it into plastic. This magnificent product will not be afraid of water and steam from cooking food. Now there are many different non-standard solutions based on natural wood. Epoxy resins in a vacuum are able to penetrate even the deepest workpieces. Externally, you get a tree that has the properties of plastic. These are ideal properties.

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