Blue-yellow kitchen cabinet

Why does everyone think that the contrasting scheme of the kitchen cabinet must necessarily be intrusive and too complex for perception in a daily setting. One of the trends of 2023 is numerous design ideas for kitchen cabinets, which are a combination of blue and yellow colors. It looks very interesting, and this tandem is repeatedly found on the flags of various countries and in world history.

But the fashion is back again, so you can live on the bright side immediately after renovation.

For active and motivated

Look at this color and then bring it to your own home for the following reasons:

  • This is a real source of energy. If you love to cook and are a distinctive home cook, then this is the choice for you.
  • Also note that any dark object will look very pretty in this color scheme. It can be any accessory, chair or home appliance.
  • These colors are very easy to maintain on a daily basis. They are not easily soiled, so this is ideal for a kitchen cabinet.
  • This color perfectly tolerates checkered crosshairs, stripes, checkerboard pattern. Any decision, even the craziest one, will look great.

Add some gold

Some people like overt luxury, some like hidden hints. If you cannot live without this shine and gloss, then you can use gold paint on one of the elements, let it be a glass shade. It looks just fine, but it doesn't create an overall vibe like what we see at a Hollywood party. There will never be glamor here, this is a completely different direction, and you can implement it in your own home right now.

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