Coarse wood texture

Only in the twentieth century people began to process wood to a smooth surface. Before that, more original methods were used, but the surfaces were too rough. In 2023, this has become one of the basic trends for kitchen cabinets.

It looks like a place from a fantastic historical movie. But this is actually a huge environmental benefit.

Not the middle ages, not the cave age

Everything is not as primitive as it seems, but it is better to adhere to the following tips:

  • To make it all look very beautiful, you can use the Japanese technique of wood processing with fire. It looks very nice and stylish as well as noble. It is also a truly environmentally friendly choice.
  • There is also wood with a large and beautiful texture, like rosewood. But you do not need to use solid boards, because it is very expensive. It is better to use a special veneer for finishing.
  • Texturing wood is a tricky operation, but it looks very nice. You can order this right now from wood carvers. They make deep grooves in a natural pattern.

We lack naturalness

If we do not talk about high matters like saving the world from plastic and harmful emissions, then in our homes we ourselves voluntarily encourage a lot of artificial materials that do not exist in nature. And this is our fault, we could say negative answer to the manufacturers of kitchen cabinets, choosing natural wood. And this will be the right decision. This will be our legacy someday, so we should think about leaving as little non-recyclable waste as possible behind. And now we breathe it all. Better let it smell like natural wood.

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