Green - Wooden kitchen cabinet

It seems that Americans, trying to catch up with futuristic concepts, have pulled too far away from a large variety of natural materials. Wood and green are currently one of the most popular color combinations with a strong presence in the American design market. Now such combinations are not yet very common, but they give a huge space for the practical realization of your imagination.

Try to come up with something in this vein on your own and everything will definitely work out.

Get closer to nature

Listen to the following tips for maximum success:

  • You can alternate layers of wood and green paint for the best combination. Moreover, they should alternate horizontally.
  • Try using matte green only. Gloss will rely too heavily on cutting edge designs and your concept will be completely ruined.
  • Try to use graphite or brushed steel hardware. It will blend well with this color scheme.
  • Try hardwood prints on self-adhesive to save money. You can order almost any drawing and then simply combine them with your idea. It will only look good if the texture is excellent. You can also print nature photos.

It calms the atmosphere in the house

We get too much stress in offices and workrooms, as well as at work at home, sitting in traffic jams. All of this has a bad effect on us. It is better that we really relax at home. A huge number of different solutions are already waiting for you. At the moment, you can even use wood imitation if you cannot afford natural oak, ash or maple boards. Choose dark varieties to make it all look even more majestic and natural.

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