2023 Best Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends

The kitchen cabinet has long gone beyond the white palette. Modern solutions can offer almost all colors of the rainbow, so there is no need to limit yourself. Cooking should bring joy and pleasure, not confusion and discouragement.

You should happily go there to create your own culinary masterpieces or even just make coffee. This place will be an expression of your emotions, lifestyle and expectations, if you can work out the right approach. You don't have to hire a designer to come up with an initial idea.

Key ideas for this area

The concept of fashion is very vague here, because trends change depending on the personal preferences of the owner. Now the kitchen cabinet can go back decades to become in demand again. Use the following guidelines for success:

  • Very delicate colors in a large kitchen will look dull, dim. They are used only as a dilution of the saturation of a shade in a particular zone. For example: Kitchen modules, or facades made of chocolate-colored wood, will look harmonious if you add additional cream-colored inserts. Or leave the facades in light colors, and the frame in dark ones.
  • Therefore, it is in these places that it is recommended to use non-marking colors. Finishing materials or furniture should be smooth so that splashes, dirt, juice and other products of the chef's activity are easily washed off. If you zone the room into the dining area and the working area, then you should change the shades of materials not only in the decoration of the room, but also in the furniture. For example, an island, a dining table with chairs can be lighter, and the kitchen unit itself is darker and brighter.
  • Unsuccessful games with color can lead to a result when, as a result, the interior will be rich in colors, but the variegation will quickly begin to tire the visitors of the room. A kitchen set should attract attention with its pleasantness, and not its harshness in appearance. In this case, flashy tones should not necessarily be absent. The calmest shades of furniture material are the color of the wood. So, a brown kitchen will go well with light tiles or linoleum on the floor.

What else can be taken into account

Create contrasts, highlight specific areas and create a real color explosion in your kitchen. The cabinet is an object that will allow you to give free rein to your imagination, to embody all the most daring ideas. Modern paints allow you to do this in full without large financial costs. Hiring a professional designer can also help if you don't have your own artistic vision for the entire project.

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