Tricolor kitchen cabinet

If you pay attention, most of the kitchen cabinets are made in a monotone or two-color scheme. This is all very tired. Don't you think you've already seen this at your neighbors or somewhere on a TV show?

In 2023, tricolor schemes are firmly in vogue, which have a stunning charm. It really looks amazingly fresh, you can enjoy your interior for a very long time, because usually such unusual solutions do not go out of fashion. You can choose everything right yourself if you study the so-called color stable combinations or just look at them in the reference book.

Three will be enough

But there will be other items here as well. So learn how to use them:

  • Polka dot enamelware will look good in this interior. It will be a real striking design and addition to your concept.
  • Three colors are revealed only with high-quality LED uniform illumination. Use ring lamps for this.
  • This great idea can be matched with something that stands out from the general layer and its background, but has a connection with another level. This will create a definitely unusual color combination.

Don't stop there

Okay, you saw one example and learned something, but this is far from the limit of perfection. You can use an endless variety of similar three-color solutions, among which you will surely find the perfect option. To find what you need, simply draw three parallel margins on a piece of paper, and then paint over them with different pencils. What you like the most can form the basis for your idea.

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