An unusual ceiling light changes everything

We are not talking about light bulbs or LEDs, although they are the basis of any lighting fixture. We're talking about changing the shade and making it as crazy as possible. Firstly, it will give more freedom of action when cooking on the kitchen island due to the bright enough lighting.

Secondly, a nondescript surface in the middle of your kitchen will take on a completely different meaning. You can even hire a designer to create the largest and most unusual shade. It is relatively inexpensive. The worldwide network also has enough ideas on how to do it yourself. This makeover does not require renovation, so you can easily get started right now.

Idea foundation and basic tips

Now listen to the advice of experts who specialize in kitchen design:

  • You can take one of the items you like as a basis. Let it be a woman's hat, mushroom, or any other shape.
  • It doesn't have to be a solid surface. You can use wicker or lattice structures.
  • You can also check out creations from top designers as they often generate trending items.

It will transform your kitchen island

You can use glass, metal, wood vines, and lightweight plastic to make various shades. You have an unlimited number of combinations. And even if your lamp occupies half of the ceiling, it will still look very cool. This decision can also affect the shadows in your kitchen, and they also have a certain influence on the design. So experiment. But it is better to print several photos of your kitchen, where you will draw sketches of your future lamp on top. Or just hire a professional designer.

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