Countertops made of small wooden blocks

In a mode of economy and constant use of natural resources, mankind learns to spend even the small pieces obtained from processing large boards. Even sawdust is collected and actively used for further pressing with glue. If you cut a log into thin, neat bars, you get a very interesting concept, often called a parquet table.

This is one of the most creative and eco-friendly ideas you can afford. But for manufacturing, you need to take the right approach. So that the blocks do not fall apart in the future, the so-called hot epoxy pressing is used, which makes the surface almost monolithic.

What you need to know about this great idea

This is a rather complex and non-standard product. Now please read about the main features of this design for a countertop. Then you can easily apply this in your own interior:

  • This wood structure fits easily into any style and interior. Name at least one design where natural wood will look bad.
  • It is relatively cheap, much less expensive than any solid board. You can also pick up these wooden blocks for free.
  • You can also assemble it yourself, which is much cheaper.

What changes can you make to this idea

The figure shows banal simple parallelepiped-shaped parts. But that's not all you can afford. Cut wood pieces are now commercially available that are great for creating an artistic tabletop. You can also use custom inlays cast in epoxy for the most eye-catching visual effect. There are a lot of solutions, you can use them completely for your interior as you see fit. And also look at the samples of unusual parquet flooring.

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