Surrounding countertop with induction hob

Smoothly flowing forms are often a definite basis for modern design. Another trending feature speaks of unification. Instead of three small tables, it is sometimes better to have one huge and functional tabletop.

This will help create many key moments in your cooking or family dinner. The combining worktop with flowing lines and built-in induction top is a real boon for home chefs. This is great when you can easily handle all of your items and products by simply turning in place.

What you need to know about this great idea

This is a rather complex and non-standard product. Now please read about the main features of this design for a countertop. Then you can easily apply this in your own interior:

  • These bends are made for a reason. They make it easy to move from one work area to the next to maximize movement savings. This will be useful when preparing complex dishes.
  • You can easily integrate a pair of induction hobs to separate cooking processes.
  • It is very convenient to store utensils on the circular shelves that are located around the table leg. But don't go beyond the main radius!

What changes can you make to this idea

The presented picture is only the basis of the idea, and you can further promote it as you see fit. There are many shape cutting options now available, and you can choose any material from wood-based composites to epoxy, plexiglass or even metal. It all depends only on your imagination and financial capabilities, but when designing, do not forget about elementary ergonomics and usability.

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