Tempered art glass countertops

Glass has long been one of the most difficult materials to work with, but its durability still prompted designers to use it in countertops. In today's high-tech world, things have gone too far and we can enjoy high artistic designs that look like watercolor paintings. Now imagine how beautiful such a countertop will look in your kitchen.

This is indeed a trend that outstripped the general course of design development for decades to come. Good thick tempered glass cannot be broken, you cannot cut it with a knife or leave scratches with a rag. And also you can use acids and alkalis for cleaning.

What you need to know about this great idea

This is a rather complex and non-standard product. Now please read about the main features of this design for a countertop. Then you can easily apply this in your own interior:

  • Avoid sharp corners and weak protrusions in the design.
  • Remember that the thicker the countertop, the greater its weight, and this requires reliable support and a solid floor.
  • Typically, such a tabletop is made for a specific house. If you ever plan to move, then it is better to make a more universal form.

What changes can you make to this idea

You can vary the color of the glass as you like. Modern companies engaged in the manufacture and processing of this difficult material can produce any pattern to order, and it is relatively inexpensive. You can add anything from photos of the seabed in blue glass to characters from your favorite computer game. You can also add various metal or frosted glass inlays to the glass. It all looks very voluminous and impressive. And if you create the right lighting, it will be like the magical atmosphere of oceanic beaches.

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